The PWCPA offers numerous benefits to it's members.  Below are some of the highlighted benefits that we offer. 

Prepaid Legal Coverage:

Since 2018, all members of PWCPA have Criminal and Civil legal defense coverage from PORAC Legal Defense Fund. There is an attorney available 24/7 for emergency situations.  There is also no dollar amount cap on the civil coverage of this plan.  

Association Hall:

The hall is open to members for use 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Members have exclusive use of the bar/lounge and patio area of the hall.  Members are also allowed to rent the larger portion of the hall for their events.  The rental fees are waived on all weekdays and weekends. 

Life Insurance:

With your membership, comes the benefit of $45,000 life insurance for you. This covers work and non-work related incidents. If line of duty death occurs the benefit becomes 2.5 times that.  The beneificary form can be found here.  Please send completed forms to any board member.  Need to modify your beneificary form click here.

Retiring soon?

Our life insurance benefit gives you the option to take the policy with you when you retire. Please see the members only documents section for further information. 

Association Events:

PWCPA holds numerous events for our members and their families thoughout the year.  Most of these events are free of cost or minimal cost to members.  Some of these events are:

  • Crab and Shrimp Feast
  • Santa at the Hall
  • Easter Bunny at the Hall
  • Superbowl Party
  • Association Golf Tournament

Bus Trips:

The association also organizes bus trips for members and their families to travel to events as a large group. Most of these trips are free or of minimal cost to members. Some of the common bus trips we take throughout the year are:

  • Candle Light Vigil during Police Week in D.C.
  • Nationals baseball games

 Exclusive Member Discounts:

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance: offers members discounts on home, auto and renters insurance. This additional benefit can be set for payroll deduction.  
  • Colonial Life: Offers members discounts on accident and life insurance.  They've created a website specifically for our members! Just click on the link to see the benefits they offer.  This additional benefit can be set for payroll deduction.  
  • IUPA Membership Benefits: can be found here.