The Police Association of Prince William County was Incorporated in 1973. 

Prince William County Police Association Membership is open to all employees of the Prince William County Police Department, sworn and non-sworn, regardless of rank or position.

With over 485 current members, our association strives to work closely with County officials to make sure the goals and objectives of our members are being heard.  Our association believes in Strength in Unity and tries to provide an enviroment that culivates that belief.  Our hall provides a place for members to gather together. We also hold several events throughout the year for our members and their families to enjoy.  We support our members in their own community efforts as well and are always willing to provide whatever resources we can for our members efforts when asked. This is especially true for helping members in their times of need.  Our members are the most important aspect of our association and that will never change. 


Please go to our benefits section to learn more about what our association has to offer or contact us to join PWCPA!